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Why Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern Was A Revolutionary Superhero Movie (Seriously)

Posted 2019/01/13650

Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern wasn’t very well-received, but it seriously is a revolutionary superhero movie. Before his drastically different turn as Deadpool, Reynolds momentarily joined DC to play Hal Jordan in Green Lantern. The film was looked at by Warner Bros. to be their next big superhero movie hit – following in the success of Christopher Nolan’s first two Batman movies. Unfortunately, Green Lantern was an undisputed misfire on most accounts.

With a production budget reportedly of $200 million, the studio was obviously not pleased with Green Lantern grossing just $219M worldwide. The 2011 superhero movie tanked after a harsh critical reception (garnering a 26% Critic Score on Rotten Tomatoes), with some of the biggest issues being the dialogue, overall story, and weak villains, to name a few. Audiences and critics meanwhile were loving several other comic book movies around the same time from Marvel Studios and even still with WB, especially those that pushed the envelope.

In a new video by Screen Rant, we explain why Green Lantern is actually a revolutionary superhero movie. To be clear, this video does not claim that Reynolds’ second superhero is underrated, or even good, but merely that it brings something to the table that helped the genre. And, as strange as it may be, the revolutionary part of Green Lantern is the often maligned completely CGI suit. Just how so? Check out the video below:

As pointed out in the video, Green Lantern really swung for the fences in its decision to go with a suit that was completely digital, and several films have followed suit since. Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man suits have become almost all CGI as of late, while some superhero movie characters are now fully CGI creations. Tom Holland may have done motion capture for his Iron Spider suit in Avengers: Infinity War, but he then wore a physical suit on the set of Spider-Man: Far From Home. What is the most common practice isn’t a suit that is 100 percent practical or CG, but rather a combination of the two methods. Now that this technology is continuing to evolve, it should serve for Hal Jordan and other Green Lanterns to get better looking suits in the future – if they ever get the chance.

WB has been developing a Green Lantern Corps movie for several years now, but the project has not seen much of any positive movement as of late. There was a point when the studio was reportedly looking to cast their older Hal Jordan though, and Reynolds was listed to the surprise of many. Considering Deadpool 2 ended with the titular antihero traveling through time and killing Ryan Reynolds before he could do Green Lantern, he may not be completely interested in returning to the role, even if it would be in a different continuity. Whoever winds up suiting up as a Green Lantern in the future, their look and experience could be much improved thanks to the groundwork laid in Green Lantern and the lessons everyone learned.